Friday, June 15, 2012

Make an impression with Swirl Cupcakes at your next cakewalk, birthday party or BBQ!

My boys school is having an end of year BBQ with a cakewalk and the parent council asked for donations for it. I was thrilled to sign up to make cupcakes. After all who doesn't love a cake walk!
I used a box cake, I think box cakes are fantastic and wonderful to have on hand, when they go on sale I stock up, I found Walmart here in Canada has a great Chocolate Cake mix and it is only $1 a box. So for school functions and parties you can not go wrong with a boxed cake.
To make my cupcakes look like they were done for a "bakery" I used my favorite icing recipe for "butter cream"
1 cup margarine ( you can use butter but I use margarine)
1 bag of icing sugar ( I did not sift mine this time as I used a large piping tip)
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tbsp cream of tartar (this helps hold the piped shape and keeps your icing from melting )
 2 tbsp water
Mix all incidence together and use a whip attachment on your mixer to create volume.
For piping the icing I used a disposable Wilton  piping bag, blue food gel and 2d tip.

To make your own Swirl icing, you will need to have a tooth pick or clean paint brush for food gel.

First put your tip into your piping bag. Trim it to fit and make sure that your tip is secure in place.  Then using your food gel and your toothpick or paint brush, paint 4 lines from tip to top of you piping bag.  Then fill your piping bag 3/4 way with your white icing. As you pipe your swirl on your cupcake your icing will show a swirl color as mine has. It may take a few tries but you will get the hang of it very quickly. The first few cupcakes you decorate will have darker swirls of color and as you pipe all your icing your swirls will get lighter, you can add more color when you reload your piping bag.
After making and plating the cupcakes, I enjoyed a few left over cupcakes with some much needed peppermint tea.

Now we are off to enjoy the Year End BBQ and Cakewalk!
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